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Dream Meeting/X-Factor PRESS RELEASE



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The X-Factor/Dream Meeting

January 18, 2009

Chicago, IL  On January 19, 2009, David Niari, an artist and Kenosha native residing in Chicago is unveiling his most recent piece entitled “The X-Factor”. A pencil drawing which illuminates the newly elected President Barack Obama shaking hands with Dr.Martin Luther King. The piece is a take on the iconic photograph where the late preacher was actually shaking the hands of another civil rights icon, Malcolm X.

An African American, Niari was inspired by the President-Elect since his days that began with his first Senate run in Illinois, helping his wife co-host a BaRock Party fundraiser in a famous downtown Chicago eatery. Niari’s approach to this piece came about as a means of paying an artistic tribute to all those who have sacrificed their lives, ideals and dreams to make this kind of future possible. He wanted this history reflected in his repertoire of work as a means of honorably recognizing its impact on his life as an artist.

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  1. This image is beautiful.